How to "Warm-Up" 

The best way to get prepped for a workout is likely different than you think.  If you think stretching your hamstrings is what you should be doing then I promise you’re missing the boat.  Take a look at these videos and notice the progression from simple to complex movement; it looks like the first year of a human life!  There is no better way to get prepped for swinging a golf club, lifting a weight, running, jumping, etc. than to build up to it--that’s how your body did it originally.  These moves are primal, natural, authentic, and absolutely necessary.  Mastering the movement patterns in these videos will establish a solid foundation that lowers your risk of injury and improves performance with your resulting workout...and just life in general. 

1. Titleist Performance Institute 4x4 Matix

2. Primal Move Tree of Growth

3. Primal Move Warmup

One caveat: Earn the right to do these moves by first removing mobility/flexibility issues.  So maybe you do need to stretch your hamstrings…find out by having an evaluation at Movement!

Movement Physical Therapy in Edwards, Colorado
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