Improve Your Game: 5 Thoracic Mobility Ex's 

Do you want the chance to create a more effective swing and increase clubhead speed? See how mobility exercises can help...

As a whole, the vertebral column (often described in press as ‘the spine’ or ‘spinal column’) has 5 main functions:
    1.    To support the weight of the head and the trunk
    2.    To allow movement of the head and trunk
    3.    To protect the spinal cord which transmits signals all over the body
    4.    To allow nerves to exit to each part of the body
    5.    To provide sites for muscle attachment

The functions of the vertebral column, from an anatomical point of view, are well established. However, how we improve movement in the thoracic region and transfer it to the golf swing needs further investigation. This blog focuses on function number 2 -- the ability of the spine to allow movement of the head and trunk -- and in particular, the movement of the trunk.

We know that golf is a sport that involves a great deal of rotation...and that rotation has to come from somewhere in the body.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: The Thoracic Spine!

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