Movement Quality & Return to Play 

Check out this video presentation by Dr. Mike Voight from the First International Sports Physical Therapy Conference:

Return to Play: The Role of Assessing Movement in the Return to Play Decision

Key Points:

  • Pain and previous injury alter motor control and movement patterns
  • Injury risk is multifactorial
  • Choose meaningful tests (reliable and valid) that asses movement patterns (e.g. SFMA, FMS, YBT)
  • Using combined results of the above tests using computerized algorithms can accurately place athletes into risk categories

Movement Physical Therapy is the only clinic in the Vail Valley area certified in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Functional Movement Screen (FMS), Y-Balance Test (YBT), and computerized algorithms.  All are integral components in determining the athlete's readiness to return to sport.  Movement Physical Therapy calls the in-depth analysis our Injury Prevention Physical.  No other clinic in the Vail Valley offers worthwhile testing.  Some locally used examples are "sport testing" and impairment measurements such as limb circumference, ROM, strength testing, etc. The research is clear...who do you trust for your injury?!

Move to Achieve! 

Movement Physical Therapy in Edwards, Colorado
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