Court Rules in Favor of PT's & Dry Needling! 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dec. 13, 2017 DENVER - The Colorado Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association was very pleased to receive the opinion and order from the Denver District Court, under presiding District Judge A. Bruce Jones, that the lawsuits seeking judicial review or a declaratory judgement against physical therapists performing dry needling in Colorado have been denied. The ruling was entered 12-12-2017 at 11:51 a.m. Key to the ruling is that the Colorado PT Board acted within its statutory authority and that "there is sufficient elasticity in the Act's definition (PT Practice Act) of physical therapy to encompass dry needling."The ruling upholds prior Colorado Legislative Legal Services review in 2013 that the PT practice act encompasses dry needling under mechanical stimulation with the use of a device (filament/needle).

Respectfully, Colorado Chapter, American Physical Therapy Association

Movement Physical Therapy in Edwards, Colorado
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