Need a Gift Idea? 

Tired of giving loved ones more “stuff?”  Give them something that will absolutely change their life!!!

Gift Certificates are Available for our Signature Solutions:

1. MEDICAL GOLF EVALUATION & HUMAN PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT: Move Better = Swing Better.  Play Your Best Golf.  Pain-Free.

2. SELECTIVE FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT ASSESSMENT: Got Pain? Find out why and start fixing it!  Identify the source of your pain or decreased functioning & quickly correct it.

3. MELT METHOD: Treat yourself to a massage, every day!  The new art of self-care. Simulates hands-on techniques to eliminate stress, pain & dysfunction

4. INJURY PREVENTION PHYSICAL: Trying to prevent pain & injury? Systems used in all professional sports to keep athletes in the game.

Find out more about all of our signature solutions here

Movement Physical Therapy in Edwards, Colorado
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