BMHS ACL Injury Prevention Presentation December 1, 2011 

On December 1, I am giving a talk at BMHS about practical ways to reduce the risk of injury with athletics.  Below are some of the key points and links to videos that will be mentioned in the presentation.

  1. Injuries happen in sports and there can be life-long repercussions after suffering an injury.
  2. You can lower your risk of injury by knowing how well you move.
  3. The best way to know how well you move is by completing a Functional Movement Screen (FMS).  
    1. More info at:
    2. Movement Physical Therapy only therapist trained in technique in Vail area and certified to perform the FMS.  More at:
  4. A good way to know how well you move is by doing the Self-Screen at home:
  5. How did you do?
      1. Pass: You have a normal risk of injury. Go ahead and participate in your activity of choice and train for it appropriately.
      2. Fail: You have an increased risk of injury.  Based on the pattern you failed, try these “corrective exercises” before your normal workout.  Retest the pattern to see if your choice of exercise helped you move better.
        1. Seated Rotation:
        2. Active Straight Leg Raise:
        3. In-Line Lunge and/or Hurdle Step:
        4. Deep Squat:
      3. Pain: Seek Medical Attention
        1. Physical Therapist
        2. Physician
        3. Certified Athletic Trainer

 Move to Achieve!  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Movement Physical Therapy in Edwards, Colorado
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