Our Services

Movement Physical Therapy offers a wide-range of high-quality services. Progressive techniques and care are guided by the latest research and evidence available in medicine.

We Succeed at:

  • Injury Prevention
  • Golf Performance Enhancement23
  • Spinal Care
  • Orthopedics & Sports Injuries
  • Pre & Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Headaches, Migraines, TMJ/TMD, & Orofacial Pain
  • Neurological & Orthopedic Pediatric Disorders
  • Chronic Pain
  • Dizzyness, Vertigo, & Balance Disorders including BPPV
  • Auto Accidents & Whiplash
  • Workers Compensation
  • Footbeds & Custom Foot Orthotics


The Movement Advantage:

  • Only specialized Doctors of Physical Therapy provide care (no students, assistants, aides, trainers, etc.)
  • You schedule with the same therapist every visit and treatments typically last 45 minutes to an hour and a half.
  • We average less visits and better results than all other rehabilitation providers in the Vail Valley. This saves you $$!
  • We offer the most progressive and effective techniques in the Valley that cannot be duplicated (although others keep trying to follow).
  • Dr. Scott Wacker has the most experience in the region using Dry Needling and has trained the majority of local therapists also using the technique.
  • Movement does not waste your time and resources with outdated and worthless modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound.
  • We are solely owned by Physical Therapists, not physicians or individuals who dictate care and receive unethical financial kickbacks.
  • The majority of our referrals come from current and past patients impressed with the quick results.
  • Movement is a preferred provider with most heath insurance companies, accepts auto and workers compensation claims, and has affordable private-pay options.
Dry Needling as seen on Terry Bradshaw's "The Edge" TV show



Trigger point dry needling requires highly specialized training. Dr. Scott Wacker is the most experienced Dry Needling Specialist in the Vail Valley and responsible for training hundreds of professionals internationally with a group called Kinetacore. He has also trained the majority of local area therapists and holds the expertise necessary to produce...

Injury Prevention Physical


The Injury Prevention PhysicalSM is Movement PT's exclusive evidence-based Musculoskeleatal Examination specifically designed to REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURY AND IMPROVE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE.  We can test and score how well your body physically moves.  How your body moves is vital for normal functioning and tied to your overall health.  THE ABILITY TO MOVE WELL OFTEN MEANS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN EXPERIENCING PAIN AND NOT....

Medical Golf Evaluation
7 of the last 12 Major Championships were won by players advised by a TPI Certified Professional. 

22 of the top 35 Top Players in the World are advised by a TPI Certified Professional. 

38 of the last 63 PGA TOUR Events were won by players advised by a TPI Certified...

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