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Why am I Injured?

Many sports related injuries ARE indeed preventible.  This magazine article highlights the use of the Functional Movement Screen in BJJ.

MELT is here!!!

After months of backorders, Movement now has all of the MELT supplies in and ready for individual and group treatment sessions!

The following are also available for purchase:

MELT Roller $60

MELT Mini Hand/Foot Kit $30 (not available online)

MELT Full Hand/Foot Kit & Instructional DVD $50

Find out more about MELT by clicking here.

Kettlebells & Other Fav's

Some of my favorite corrective exercises.  Great video resources linked below:

52 Kettlebell Turkish Getup:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vWKMuDH528

Kettlebell Deadlift:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cwGRCnmgag

MELT featured on Dr. Oz

MELT creator Sue Hitzmann on Dr. Oz on Friday, February 15th.

Here is the video:http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/sue-hitzmanns-pain-melting-workout

Experience MELT with Dr. Megan Wacker.  She is the only therapist in Eagle County that is MELT certified.  Call us for more details!

Prevent Ski Injuries with Movement

Movement Physical Therapy offers the only medically researched injury prevention system in the Vail Valley.  Save yourself from serious injury this year!!!

See details on the link below and contact us to find out more.


The Truth About Exercise BBC

Great video about recent reseach in exercise.


MRI for Low Back Pain???

This short video is intended for anyone with low back pain contemplating an MRI.



Off-Season Special: 15% off Medical Golf Evaluations!!!

Move Better. Swing Better.

Medical Golf Evaluations are designed to analyze and enhance the way your body physically moves so you can maximize the potential of your golf swing.  Use the system hundreds of PGA professionals are using and see real results fast!

Get 15% off all golf performance packages purchased thru 2012. Gift certificates available.  


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