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Our Mission is Simple: To always provide the absolute most effective injury prevention, rehabilitation & human performance enhancement solutions in the Vail Valley.

At Movement Physical Therapy, you will feel the difference and see real results.  Only specialized doctors of Physical Therapy provide skilled patient care - No Therapy Aides or Assistants.  All appointments are 45 - 90 minutes of advanced individualized care.  You will always schedule with the same therapist.  The expertise and quality of care provided at Movement Physical Therapy cannot be duplicated.

Your time, resources, and health are of utmost importance and the achievement of your goals is our priority.  We invite you to put your future in our hands.

Dry Needling as seen on Terry Bradshaw's "The Edge" TV show
Dry Needling as seen on Terry Bradshaw's "The Edge" TV show



Trigger point dry needling requires highly specialized training. Dr. Scott Wacker is the most experienced Dry Needling Specialist in the Vail Valley and responsible for training hundreds of professionals internationally with a group called Kinetacore. He has also trained the majority of local area therapists and holds the expertise necessary to produce...

Injury Prevention Physical


The Injury Prevention PhysicalSM is Movement PT's exclusive evidence-based Musculoskeleatal Examination specifically designed to REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURY AND IMPROVE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE.  We can test and score how well your body physically moves.  How your body moves is vital for normal functioning and tied to your overall health.  THE ABILITY TO MOVE WELL OFTEN MEANS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN EXPERIENCING PAIN AND NOT....

Medical Golf Evaluation
7 of the last 12 Major Championships were won by players advised by a TPI Certified Professional. 

22 of the top 35 Top Players in the World are advised by a TPI Certified Professional. 

38 of the last 63 PGA TOUR Events were won by players advised by a TPI Certified...

Explain Pain

What can I do about pain?

First, learn about it! For a great overview of how pain works, watch this 5 minute video:

Here is another quick video called "The Drug Cabinet in the Brain:"

Ski ACL Injury

Movement Physical Therapy offers the only medically researched injury prevention system in the Vail Valley.  Save yourself from serious injury this year!!!

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